Questions and Answers

1. Why is your project called cPay, if there is already a project with a similar name?

Our project is called cPay, and there is a project called CryptoPay and only the shortened name of the coin they have cPay. We have nothing to do with CryptoPay projects, understanding that we have different directions for development.

2. Why is your WP similar to some others (somebody compared us to BitCoin, someone with Avito, someone with YandexMoney, etc.).

Our project combines how we see the best qualities, individually inherent in many good projects, but still the main concept of our project is a little unique and different from many projects in which we are partially similar.

3. In your WhitePaper, why do you write "... ..." in Section X in the paragraph Y?

Thank you for your real reasonable question on the merits. WhitePaper by cPay system is written based on our ideas about a system of crypto-currency payments convenient for billions of people, as well as on the basis of an important stage of its implementation in practice into the real world, which is often far from crypto-currency. We will be glad to hear from you constructive suggestions on making changes to the cPay system development plan (WhitePaper) and maybe you can if you want to become a member of the cPay team and help develop the system at the best for the maximum number of users!

4. Why is your next project on the introduction of crypto currency, as a means of payment?

We create a project in which to pay for crypto-currencies in a familiar world, you do not need cards similar to the Visa system, which are now used to convert crypto-currencies, and you do not need any additional equipment other than a smartphone! This is our essential difference, in simplifying the relationships between Sellers and Buyers, giving them the opportunity to use the minimum necessary devices without burdening themselves with additional equipment, for the possession and maintenance of which it is necessary to incur expenses. In this case, even Buyers can only use their phone, and they do not even need to carry a wallet with credit cards, not to mention the packs of cash. At the same time, as the reception of various technologies in the block sector of the sphere grows, we plan to introduce other possibilities into the cPay project, such as driver's license, real estate registration, etc., and free people from having to carry a lot of waste paper (and we will save forests from cutting down unnecessary paper money and documents), as well as simplify and technologically protect the interactions of cPay users with their environment. At the same time, such functions as "smart purchases" can be implemented only in cryptoplaces.

5. Why create another project, if there are similar competitors, albeit with a slightly different functionality and why are not you SCAM, repeating other people's ideas?

If you count projects running parallel to SCAMs, those who opened later, you can also call SCAM - HP or Apple, because IBM and Microsoft was the first in their industries. Only as a result of competition new ideas and technologies are born, services are cheaper, the niche of competition develops faster and more actively, attracting new teams and creating more and more jobs.

6. Why do you call cPay a coin?

Due to the fact that cryptographic legislation is still being formed and different laws are in different countries and it is technically difficult to track the residence of buyers of cPay coins (and some even deliberately hide it), we have chosen the universal formula to be called cPay - a coin. Every owner of cPay coin, whether on PC20 or on our own blockchain, is not an investor or shareholder for us, is a member of the development team. That is, we urge everyone who bought at least one cPay coin to not only tacitly agree to support our project, but to write constructive comments, vote for development plans, etc., that is, to actively participate in the project. After the release of the final version of the applications, the registration of the official company and other points prescribed in the road map, we plan to announce the renaming of the cPay coin into a share, with all the legal consequences, including. dividends to owners of coins.

7. Why is 1 billion coins produced?

In the physical world, it is customary to use a set of decimals in units of the coin. We understand that we can release 21 million or even 1 million coin like Bitcoin, then divide them with decimal places into smaller parts. But since we are still positioned as a system that introduces crypto technologies for mass use, we tried to make the numbers and characters as usual to ordinary people who are just entering the cryptomir, according to our standards the optimal number of coins was 1 billion.

8. How can I express my wishes for development and / or take an active part in the development of the system?

In the Feedback section there is a link to the email We are looking forward to your constructive suggestions, which we will be able to. take into account when adjusting the WhitePaper and make the system even more convenient for real users. Also in the Team section there is a link to email, to which you can write your suggestions and work experience and we will be happy to consider you as a new active member of the main team. We also accept proposals on the development of the technical part, and on the promotion of the system, legal aspects.

9. On what will the cPay system earn?

The system plans 2 earnings = the earnings of the system itself and the earnings of each of its users:In addition to the standard commission of 1% (which with the growth of popularity may decrease, as well as there will be a discount when paying for goods / services with the cPay), the system will charge for promoting the Trading Points in the application, advertising, mailing to users, earning on functions in the VIP version, incl. paid accounting and legal support, to earn on the functions of the Escrow. That is, the cPay earnings model combines credit card acceptance systems, Avito and eBuy ad systems, and Smart Social Network advertising companies.The users who connect new TTs will also be able to earn on the referral system, up to 20% of the commission of the cPay system, earned at these outlets. That is, we try to maximally involve users in the popularization of the system, which will give a rapid growth of its application around the world.

10. Why do you still have no legal entity and what are your plans for this?

The cPay system still does not have a legally registered company precisely because our team paid more attention to the creation of technology and prescribing a real plan for its application in the real world. We have chosen for ourselves a development plan in this direction "solving problems as we enter", in view of the fact that crypto legislation changes very quickly, and if we spent time and money every day on the opening of legal entities in different countries where we plan to develop the system cPay, then we would not have time to waste time on its technical implementation and application practices, which gave us a lot of experience understanding the real future development of the system, which of course will soon be registered as a firm for the opportunity to create workers place for talented team members and pay real taxes.The cPay system is created in compliance with the classical corporate standards of activity, including mechanisms for monitoring, reporting and forming the company's office in Europe. For the implementation of current financial activities cPay system will gradually receive all necessary licenses in various countries, gradually developing a dealer network in them. After preICO, cPay is established in Spain, possibly on the island of Tenerife in the special economic zone ZEC (for tax optimization). Public founders of the company will be able to be participants of the project, having from 3% of shares. Each owner of cPay coins, starting from a certain volume, will have the opportunity to create Masternods and vote in the cPay forum for further development of the project.

11. Project cPay SCAM because ...... .., and I am the most intelligent expert on the Internet

Thanks for your comment. You become a participant in the contest and if your comments get the most votes in the "most silly spam" section, you will receive a prize from the guru of the Divine commentators Sergei Yuryevich Belyakov.If you are not yet a regular spammer -Divent expert, but have your own successful millions of users projects already on the project, please send us a link, we will study your experience with pleasure and will be happy with valuable advice in fact.

12. Why does your project have no ratings from rating agencies?

The cPay project decided not to follow the classical scheme of the advertising campaign on the eve of preICO, including the placement of an expensive press release in the media devoted to the subject of ICO and crypto-currency. Also, the project team decided to abandon the services of numerous paid ICO ratings, which now thrive on the projects going to the ICO. It's no secret that you can buy ratings in any project, everything depends on money, even if it's a dummy project or a potential scam project. The conclusion about this can be made judging by the number of ICO projects that have issued work products. This is not more than 5% of the total number of ICOs conducted. The cPay project team decided not to spend their and investors' funds to buy ICO ratings. The cPay system already has a work product with which the team goes to preICO. The best advertising of the project is the already existing prototype of the system, where goods are paid almost daily in Europe, where the crypto-currencies are completely legal, and their own blockchain based on the Dash fork is already running. Advertisement of the very launch of the preICO will be carried out within the Bounty campaign.

13. Why?!


14. Why are your coins sold at a price of 10 cents?

Even at the stage of preparation for preICO, the LitecoinCash project offered us partnership and we exchanged small shares of 1: 1 with them. At the same time, the price of their currency, already quoted on exchanges, was 0.09-0.13 euro cents and accordingly there was a preliminary estimate of our project in the eyes of other professionals and we chose a convenient round average figure of 0.1 euro. At the same time, investors before the official launch of preICO, as well as large investors, can be offered better conditions in private negotiations.